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We are T Shirt & Sons
T Shirt & Sons was established in the 1980’s to service local business needs for printed garments, in the 1990’s we started entering the entertainment market and exploring the demand for personalised merchandise. It was a great development of our organisational knowledge in the field of screen printing, making us one of the UK’s largest screen printing companies in the 2000’s.

Our search for better quality and industry advantages took us through the path of DTG ( direct to garment ) printing or as we call it here “Digital Printing”. Through technological and business partnerships, the development of our processes made us Europe’s largest DTG printer and fulfiller. Since 2016 we have made a massive step forward in growth by opening a subsidiary facility in the Netherlands and later, in 2017, expanding to dedicated facilities in the UK. The planning for further expansion across various sites continues as we commit our resources to deliver great products and services with great quality. We are opening a new facility in Southern Europe in 2019.

Capable to produce high quality, on various types of garments, accompanied by a finishing service tailored to your requirements, we can also help you manage ecommerce shops and provide a shipping service direct to your end costumer.

The screen print department can cater to high volume orders for events and merchandise, whilst our Digital department, featuring a bespoke printing option, is perfect to work with online sales. Although we do not manufacture our own garments, we can source the best quality and value options, with an ethical and environmental consciousness, as per your needs.
Garment printing has always been the focus of our business. Through years of experience we have improved our processes and added complementary services to our market leading quality printing.

Our complete range of services include

Direct-to-Garment Printing

  • Embroidery
  • Relabelling
  • Web development

Direct-to-Garment Mass Production

  • Fulfilment
  • Polybagging
  • e-Commerce

Screen Printing

  • Drop Shipping
  • Customer Service
  • API Integration
Ethical Policy & Practice
T Shirt & Sons has a responsibility to both the environment and the community; we view this as being important on a local, national and global level and feel that our industry has a valid part to play in the reduction of exploitation and pollution.

We adhere to strict standards of safe and fair employment practices including health and safety, discrimination, working hours and forced or under age labour. These standards are clearly laid out in the ETI Base Code. This aspect of our policy extends to our suppliers and we aim to trade only with companies who have successfully addressed the ETI Base Code.

We mainly use water-based inks and we hope that our continued use of these, and PVC Free inks, will help to reduce any negative impact on the environment. We work closely with the Water Authority who monitor and test our effluent. All our water is filtered before it enters the sewer. All other waste is processed by licensed contractors. All our staff are trained to separate waste for recycling, encouraged to reuse materials where possible and made to understand the full value of resources.

You have a vision. We have a way to get you there.